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'Turn you inside out and lick you like a crisp packet'

Alt J has released nothing but great tracks, this next album is gonna be so damn solid.

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"Take me to church, I’ll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies, I’ll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife. Offer me that deathless death, Good God, let me give you my life."

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Hey Mami - Sylvan Esso

If you don’t know who Sylvan Esso is by now… You better learn.

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Artist: Van Morrison
Track: I’ll Be Your Lover, Too
Album: His Band and the Street Choir
Year: 1970

such a top notch song!!

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“I know, she knows that i’m not fond of asking,  True or false, it may be, she’s still out to get me!”

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Tegan and Sara - Where Does the Good Go?

It’s love that leaves, that breaks the seal of always thinking you would be real happy and healthy, strong and calm
where does the good go

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Let’s not fight, I’m tired can we just sleep tonight?

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Sia - My Love

This song is so beautiful <3

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Don’t You Dare-Alexz Johnson.

This was my favorite song, from my favorite episode.


OMG I LOVE INSTANT STAR, my childhood </3

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Song in the gyyymmmm gets me pumped

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Girls Freak Me Out | The Summer Set

I love the “Pour some sugar on me” and “So go to hell” part :)

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